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About Partners In Shas


The most powerful force in this world!


The power to change the world, to change nature!

Our prized gift from our Father Hashem.

Chazal tell us Hashem delights in our Torah learning.

So, let us together put to use this most powerful ability.

Shas, Torah Shebal Peh, we are told is the main aspect of Torah!

Baruch Hashem we now have the opportunity and privilege to support chachamim in Mir Jerusalem to learn on our behalf.

all proceeds to go directly to the learning via the organization

Mishnas Olam.

You can visit their site at

The completion of Shas – 2,711 Dapim is $10,500.00

A small fee for the most prized possession in this world.

Let us partner with this tremendous Merit of Torah learning and bring down all of Hashem’s blessings.

Sponsorships can be for Parnassa, Refuah, In Memory / In Honor of a loved one.

New Sponsorship Opportunity! $5 a Daf.

Please Visit our Go Fund Me Page for the fundraising balance and updates!

You contact me on my cell 732-347-9918


Let us finish Shas together!!

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