First cycle Shas

with gratitude to Hashem, we have sponsored a Chabura in the MIR  Jerusalem, to learn Shas on all our sponsors behalf.

the program has ran under the Partners in shas website, with the undertaking of the Sultan Family, project was in memory of Charles R. Sultan and the merit / memory for all those whom have sponsored . the Shas is currently being learn by the Mishnas Olam Chabura in Jerusalem,

BH, the shas will be finished Chanukah 2019. if you would like to contact us about the first cycle please contact us at 732-347-9918

more details to follow.

Thank You to all our Wonderful Sponsors! May Hashem Grant you and your Families tremendous Beracha ve’hatzlacha

Rabbi Raymond Haber

R’ Joey Dayan

The Charles and Brenda Saka Foundation

Jeffrey Saka

Raymond Saka

Julius Chabbot

Stefan I Betesh

David Shamah

David Balsiano

Solomon Ades

Moshe Franco

Meyer Maslaton

Neomi Beneli

Jonathan Imani

Dani Chalouh

Joseph Levy

David Hoory

Jack Chalouh

Stefan I betesh

Joseph Jemal

Mark Cohen

The Sultan Family

Rabbi Moshe Nahem

Raymond Saka

Shoshana Ben David

David Hoffman

Shmuel Kohen

Abraham Kohen

Charles Sultan

Saulie Sultan

Eddie Levy

Yom Tov Weinberger

Jack Shamah

Victor Kohen

Sarah Roseman

Mitchell Lisker

Harry Bram

Eli Abisror

Marc Joseph Co.

Steven Safdieh

Meyer Safdieh

Ike Levy

Solomon Moyal

Moey Levy

Edgar Cohen

Eli Zafrani

Avi Cohen

Saul and Evelyn Safdieh

David Dana

Ralph and Ami Sasson

Eddie Jemal

Joey Kohen

Ezra Ashkenazi

Morris Kairey